New Stuff Up!!

Check out the photo gallieries of Norway's Lofoten Islands, July 2010


We are happy to announce that DRAT comics are now online!!!

In Between the Lines no. 8 is finally under way!!! Despite what seemed like an eternal wait, the comic people's good sense finally prevailed.

Check back now and then to see how they are doing...

It is currently on page 5


Photo galleries: Norway's rugged Lofoten Islands, July 2010, and Big Sur's Ventana Wilderness in Spring, 2006,taken during an 8 day backpacking trip.

New Cambodia writings by Stan Kahn


Redone: James Legge's Chuang Tzu. Updated to new site style.


New writings by Stan Kahn.

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However you found your way here, we're glad you came. Check out the new In Between the Lines No. 8 currently under way, much to the comic girl's relief. The panels will be made in living color as they are put up, no waiting for the colorized version.

Thanks to Sonia Cabestany Montardit for creating the flash animation of the comic people.

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