Big Sur May 2006

Day 5 – Pat Spring to Lone Pine
May 2, 2006

Day 5 is more ridge hiking, with one wrong turn that took me off trail. That's the stone spring shot. If you see that, you've gone the wrong way. The trail gave out in a landslip shortly afterwards, and then faded away.

After that, it was a nice climb up to the ridges, then back down to where the trail splits, one way up to Ventana Double Cone and Lone Pine Camp, and the other down towards Carmel River and further on in.

Lone Pine is hidden away off trail, luckily the path was marked by the H2O sign on the ground. It's a beautiful spot in Spring, with 3 small spring fed creeks providing water. Small is very small, I don't know if there would be water there in the summer or early fall.

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