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Harald Hope

More writing coming soon, but for now, check out my latest photo galleries of the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway

3 Sisters Wilderness, Oregon July-August 2014 :: Photo Galleries

This was a nice roughly 50 mile loop starting at Lava Lake trailhead, on Highway 242, which turns off highway 126 east of Eugene, Oregon. I did the loop going around the 3 Sisters in a clockwise direction, North Sister to east side to Southn Sister, then around, and back onto the Pacific Crest Trail.

Point Reyes, California July 2014 :: Photo Galleries

I was testing out a new Nikon Coolpix S5140 I picked up used, and it worked well. But really I needed to just get out into nature for a few days. Point Reyes was really nice, I'll be going back soon, for longer I think.

Lofoten Islands, Norway :: Photo Galleries

These pictures were taken July, 2010. They show my trip from Bodø via the ferry to Moskenes, then up to Å i Lofoten, then over to Fredvang, Nusfjord, Henningsvær, and down to Svolvær.

Most of the pictures are from the outer Lofoten Islands, from Å to Henningsvær.

Each gallery starts with a map of the day's trip, so you can orient yourself more easily.

Big Sur, Ventana Wilderness, May 2006 :: Photo Galleries

These pictures were taken during a recent 8 day backpacking trip, May 2006. All galleries feature full size pop up images. The pictures are fairly high resolution, so if you're using dialup it won't be that fast, but it's pretty terrain.

Most of these are taken in the higher parts of the Big Sur Mountains, all in Ventana Wilderness. After the first day I rarely was below 3000 feet or so.

Each gallery starts with a topopographical map of the day's hike, except for the first gallery, which also has a map of the entire hike.

Boston 2004 :: Photo Gallerys

Boston is a strange city, and has that mix of elements that marks many older East Coast cities in the United States. I took these pictures in Somerville, by the Mystic River.

Stan Kahn

An ongoing travelogue in journal form about Stan's trip to Cambodia, where he recently lived and worked teaching English. Also a very nice introduction to another culture, one still quite removed from our Western Industrialized ways.

Parallel U – Living and working in Cambodia

Part 1 is the first trip, ending in return to the States, Part 2 is the second trip, and brings us to the present.

Stan has lived and traveled abroad for many years, this is his most recent exploit, and provides both entertaining and educational reading.

This was originally sent out in E-mail form, but Stan kindly agreed to let it be re-published here on Ratmachines. If you would like to check out his website, go to, where you can read more about his travels, and his various other activities, and see photographs from his other journeys, such as China, where he lived and worked for many years.

Dooly O'Sullivan

A traveler's first impressions of moving from Portland, Oregon, to Berlin.

Berlin: An Introduction

Dooly has lived in the USA for a long time, but is finally back in Europe. These are his first impressions after spending several years in Portland, Oregon. He previously lived in San Francisco, Oakland, as well as London.

Dooly is a musician, teaches English, writes, and has a diverse group of other interests.