Lofoten 2010

Day 5 – Day Moskenes - Bodø
July 11, 2010

Back on the ferry to Bodø, wish I could have stayed longer in the Lofoten Islands, oh well.

Next time I'll bring camping gear and just camp out every night.

I took the train back from Bodø, which was not very fun to put it mildy, it's about an 18 hour train trip, and it's impossible to sleep on the train, and besides, the train is always going through tunnels so you don't really see that much from the windows. If you have the choice, I strongly urge getting a cheap SAS or Norwegian Air flight from Oslo to Bodø, or all the way to Svolvær or Leknes, and just skip the 24 hours of travel roughly the train involves. But that's for another gallery, coming in the future.

Ok, I hope these galleries didn't bore you too much, thanks for looking at them.

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