Lofoten 2010

Day 2 – Fredvang - Kvalvika
July 8, 2010

Our landlord for the day recommended we take a walk just up the road, over the mountain to the beach at Kvalvika.

That was, as you will see, a great idea. Beautiful on both sides of the hill.

The beach you can see in the map, sort of a line to the left and slightly down from Fredvang, in that little inlet called Kvalvika, and you can see the ridge we hiked up then down to get to that beach. We were also going to hike to the beach North of Fredvang, at Yttervik, but the day didn't have enough hours, plus that evening we got to eat at the wonderful Bina Kafe og Bistro (or for English version) (Telephone: 76 09 48 00, 8387 Fredvang), right in the heart of Fredvang. Don't miss her cheery atmosphere and wonderful food.

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