Lofoten 2010

Day 4 – Henningsvær - Svolvær - Moskenes
July 10, 2010

This gallery is a bit strange, but basically today we went to Svolvær so I could catch the bus back to Moskenes, where these galleries started, but we missed the bus, went to Svolvær airport, where a flight on a small plane was about to leave for Bodø, but it was expensive, so I opted to catch the bus instead. This was a GREAT decision. Stay on the Lofotens as long as you can, is my advice. If you have to pick between overnighting in Bodø or Lofotens, pick the Lofotens. Ideally, fly up to Bodø and take the ferry from there, or to Svolvær or Leknes, then just hang out in the Lofotens.

There's no pictures from Svolvær, sorry, I was in a hurry to catch the bus, and we actually had to drive back to the next town, Kabelvåg, to catch it, which we did, and it was raining a lot. But Svolvær is a real town, small, compact, but it has a center, and it's fairly nice, at least that was my hurried impression, though it was also raining steadily on us there as we ran around trying to find out how I could get back to Moskenes that day before my cousin's family continued their trip further north to their final destination of Narvik.

Kabelvåg is where I said goodbye to Anita, Knut-Martin, and Eskil (my Norwegian relatives who were nice enough take me with them up to the Lofotens via North Norway), and took the bus back to Moskenes so I could catch the ferry the next day.

It was raining again, and the bus windows had a lot of glare so I didn't take many pictures on the way back. I also didn't take any in Leknes, where I had to wait several hours for the connecting bus. Moral? Never believe the bus itineraries in the Lofotens, the drivers stop for anyone anywhere, including me when we flagged him down from our car, so don't assume that a connection will be made, plan on lots of time between bus connections.

My relatives were really nice to take me with them, I appreciate that very much.

When I got back to Moskenes I found a room, even though the local tourist information said there were no rooms. The moral of the story? Don't believe the local tourist information, check for yourselves. There were lots of places available within 500 meters of the Tourist Info office.

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