I Ching

Generator Overview

This is a test platform for an automated I Ching reading generator. But please remember that just because you don't have to make any effort to get a reading does NOT mean you should treat it lightly. If you do take it lightly, don't blame me if you don't like the response!

I strongly urge you to read the Using the I Ching page before using this I Ching generator. You will get much better results if you use the stick method, or at least, a more reliable result (it remains to be seen if this automated method is reliable or not). That page has a how-to for doing your own reading with the sticks, and also has a convenient result generator tool where you can enter your line pile totals to get your reading.

But feel free to try this I Ching reading generator tool. Just remember that if you ask something over and over, or don't like the first answer you get, the subsequent answers are going to be increasingly worthless! So think before you ask, and don't ask again, just bookmark the results page you get to when you click the result link, and come back to it over the following week..

I Ching Reading Generator

Welcome to the I Ching generator page. Please focus your mind and ask your question. It is important that you not be distracted while you formulate the query. Remember, the I Ching answers the question you actually have internally, not the question you wish or want to have, so try to clear your thoughts until you have the question ready, then type it in the box and click the submit button.

About the Reading Generator

The logic used to generate your reading doesn't cheat or use short cuts, it basically does the same thing you do when you use sticks/yarrow stalks, it starts with 50 stalks, and it ends with the same 50, roughly speaking, and simply manipulates the stalks using programming intead of your hands. While the technical matters of random number generation and computers make this less than ideal, it's an experiment to see if despite those drawbacks, a good reading can be generated.